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Beenleigh is a truly unique skatepark boasting a heritage that cannot be matched by other parks in Australia. For the last 14 years it has served as a central hub of the Australian BMX freestyle scene. Ever since Doug Larson set up two quarter pipes in the car park of the BMX park next door, the Beenleigh park has grown in size and popularity, producing some of Australia’s greatest riders. Names like Colin Mackay, Clint Millar and Corey Bohan are but a few of the locals who have made a name for themselves both here and overseas. These riders are now representing Australia in the US, competing against the world’s best in competitions such as the US X-Games and Gravity Games. They still have ties to the park, and practice there daily whilst back in Australia as well as competing in the Heavy Metal Heroes contests.

In fact, Colin Mackay has grown to become one of the highest profile riders in the sport and his success has seen him included as a character in the video game “Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2” currently available on Playstation 2 and X-Box. In this game, he is quoted as saying that Beenleigh skatepark is his favourite park to ride, and Acclaim (the game creators) has expressed interest in including the park as a playing area in the upcoming sequel to the game.

In the last 3 years, Beenleigh has been host to the Heavy Metal Heroes contests. This event was started by myself and helped along by local counsellor Doug Larson and a crew of riders such as flatlanding legend Ricky Hunt, Ryan Turrenson, Jamie Bell, Mick Hodson and Stewart Devenish. All events are non-profit and I have run two events per year since 1999, totalling 7 competitions.

In contrast to events such as the X-Games that cater only for professional riders, Heavy Metal Heroes is open to riders of all ages and skill levels. This is the only contest in Australia to offer this opportunity to local riders whishing to participate in a competition against their peers. Each event receives coverage from two nationally distributed magazines, 20/20 and BMX Express. A video is currently available of the last event (HMH7) and footage from the last two contests will be televised on Fox Sports in an upcoming BMX related program named “BMX Central”

It is true that Brisbane has approximately 20 other skateparks that could host a competition. Why not hold BMX competitions at another skatepark? These other parks are simple “streetscape” concrete skateparks and cannot cater for all the disciplines of BMX which are: Vert, Street, Flatland, Dirt and Mini/Spine. Beenleigh is the only park in Australia that can cater for all these disciplines as can be seen in the diagram alone.

Written by Mark Schneider

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