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Great we need all the help we can get to make Beenleigh the best Freestyle bmx park around, we have formed an association and had a excellent attendance at the first meeting, we need to get insurance to cover the people involved with running the association against being sued for other peoples mistakes within the organization such as debt or a similar occurance by a committee memeber. This insurance has to have a minimun cover of $1,100.000 therefore the cost is about $1,000 per year, we hope to get this money by charging a membership fee, if we get enough members we can then go further and get a general insurance for the association members as a whole and cover them for such things as medical cost in the event of an accident.

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The Gold Coast Bulletin will be running a story on the Beenleigh Sk8 Park. It will be published either this Wednesday Sept. 18 or the following Wednesday Sept. 25.

32 riders came out in support and voted in the committee for the Beenleigh Freestyle BMX Association. The President is Mark Schneider, Vice President - Rick Hunt, Treasurer - Rado and Secretary - Devo. Getting Beenleigh back is now on track! The meeting with council yesterday was quite positive and they will seriously consider our requests for park improvements. They look at replacing one ramp in the near future, also will look at the drainage for the bowl that floods every time we get a lot of rain. Don't expect everything to change over night it is going to take a lot of effort on behalf of everybody not just the committee. There will be an official meeting in about a months time so we'll keep you informed. Don't forget to keep an eye on ozscene and brisbane bmx websites for updates too. Thanks to all who came today.

A number of us, including Mark Scheider and Ryan Guettler, are to meet with council representatives next Friday morning at 10.00. We will be submitting plans, showing a promo video of Heavy Metal Heroes and a video of locals at Beenleigh. Please get your petitions to us asap. We have approximately 400 signatures. Thankyou everyone for all your effort. Also don't forget there is a meeting at Beenleigh Sk8 park on Saturday 14th Sept at 10 am to form an association. Your imput is important so come along if you can.



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