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    Nicks brakes were driving us crazy either they were rubbing the rims or so spongy they didn't work well, so we spent and hour changing the lower cable configuration, in this first pic you can see the overall view of how it looks after we changed it, basically moving the finishing point for the top cable up the tube to the first holder, then using a piece of old inner cable we made a long lower section without the skin which reduces friction even more. A lot of newer bikes are using this setup and some even cross the cable where it passes the frame, of course we can do this easily as well once we get some guides for the cable to rub on but we may not as it will only cause friction again.

The second close shot below shows we moved the cable hook in front of the frame tube so instead of through the tube it goes around, doing this allowed us to cut the cable outer right back up to the top cable guide as shown in the pic above, this combined with going around the frame reduced friction so much the brakes worked 100% better immediately.

I realise this is a simple mod for experienced riders but its a start and we welcome any tips and tricks to get your bike working better, send them in to us please. Also when working on your brakes be sure all nuts and bolts are tightened properly when finished, get a friend or parent to check them over for you.

In this shot above and below you can see we used the cable adjuster that once went through the frame onto the top guide, it fits nicely and makes a good holder for the now very short top cable outer. You can just see the top cable splitter in the photo above and to the right.

We were finding we had to have the springs on his brakes really tensioned to get the brakes to release, now after this modification we were able to run the springs at a very low tension and this in turn means you need less force to pull the brake lever, don't forget when your working on the brakes to check the brake arms on the 9/90 mounts move easily, if they don't take them off and clean the mounts with a green scourer, don't use sandpaper if you can help it, you only need to polish off the rust.

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